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IFW 2017

International Freshers Week

First Thing to Do!

Join the Cambridge University International Freshers 2017 Facebook Group for up to date events and iCUSU page for live discussion! We will update details about our events regularly on these groups.


iCUSU International Freshers Week (IFW) is an introductory series of events taking place in Cambridge for international students. We will be hosting a variety of social gatherings, city tours and will be happy to help with any queries.

IFW will lead into Freshers Week events, which usually consist of Pub Crawls, icebreakers, and the like. It is University-wide event and is open to all students from all colleges.

iCUSU International Freshers Week should not be confused with Freshers' Week, which is handled locally by each college's JCR (Junior Common/Combination Room, effectively a college's undergraduate student union).


We will be available from 26th Sept 2017, to welcome you at the Cambridge Union. Our main events will begin on the 27th September and last until 29th September, when local college Freshers' Week begin. You can view the preliminary timetable here, but do check out the latest status on Facebook!

Please be aware that the IFW is an optional event for International students, we do not encourage students to arrive earlier than your college recommendations. Essentially, if your college accommodation is available by the beginning of our events, definitely come to IFW. Otherwise, don't worry about it if you can't make it that early; we don't want you to spend oodles of money getting alternate accommodation. International Freshers' Week is all about having fun.

Do I count as an International Student?

Chances are, if you're asking this question, you're an international student. We're not very picky about this - if you consider yourself to be international, whether it's coming from another continent, country, or even Scotland - we'll be glad to have you. You can be international by nationality, heritage, whatever. Even local students who happen to be in Cambridge are welcome to come along.

Does it cost anything?

We are offering 4 types of tickets this year:
1. All events (including International Freshers' Formal) - £25.00
2. All events (except International Freshers' Formal) - £12.00
3. International Freshers' Formal ONLY - £13.00
4. Garden Party ONLY - £5.00

So what kind of events are you hosting then?

We have a preliminary schedule set up already but there will be more updates in the near future, so do stay tuned to our website! Alternatively, join us on Facebook or sign up to our mailing list to hear about updates.

Gee whizz, that sounds great! Where can I go to get some more information?

No problem! Just contact us (top of the page). You can also email any of us, our email addresses are in the About us section of the website. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Register for IFW today!


What can I do from now until the International Freshers' Week?

1) Register for IFW right now!

2) Join the Cambridge University International Freshers 2017 Group on Facebook!

3) Connect to us on Facebook!

4) There are College Freshers' Groups & Subject Based Freshers' Groups too! Get connected! :D