21st August 2018

Finding Accommodation

If you have college accommodation

Generally, college accommodation as of good quality, most of them are inside or close to your College, and problems are sorted out fairly quickly by informing the Porters or contacting College Maintenance directly. The kitchen facilities are normally good and usually there are laundry facilities too.

Before you arrive, you should have been told where you are living, how much it will cost per term, per month or per week, and when you can move in. On arrival in Cambridge, you should normally go to the Porters’ Lodge of your college, where you can collect you room keys. It may be possible for international students to move into your accommodation before the start of term- you should check and arrange this with your college.

International Freshers’ Week Accommodation

If you wish to check-into your college accommodation prior to the standard accommodation initiating date (usually around 27th Sept), you can submit an application by emailing the Accommodation Team at your College. Please mention you international student status and briefly justify your application.

Colleges usually reserves rooms for students with pre-sessions, mobility difficulty and international students who need more time to settle in UK.

Note the availability of early accommodation varies between colleges and is subjected to first-come-first-serve basis. Please email your college early if you wish to join us at International Freshers Week!

If you do not have college accommodation

During term time, most undergraduate students will have their accommodation covered by their colleges. Graduate students on the other hand may only have limited provision of housing (eg. college accommodation provided in their first year). Below are some advice regarding accommodation search:

Where to look for term-time accommodation?

University Accommodation Service

Website: http://www-accommodation.admin.cam.ac.uk/

Address: Kellet Lodge, Tennis Court Road, Cambridge, CB2 1QJ
Tel: +441223 333316 and +441223 338099
Email: accommodation.service@admin.cam.ac.uk
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:45 and 14:00-16:45

The Accommodation Service exists to help you in your search for a home in Cambridge. We have over one hundred years’ experience of assisting members of the University to find accommodation. We provide access to properties, both within the private sector as well as University-owned properties, which includes newly constructed, purpose-built and highly sustainable homes for staff in a new district at the North West Cambridge Development.

You can register with the University Accommodation Service at their website. Alternative, go visit their office and they will be able to give you a list of places with rooms to rent and contact numbers, all for the cost of photocopying.

College Accommodation Team

Email the Accommodation Team at your College and seek help with securing accommodation. The College may share some student real estate with other colleges at subsidized cost. The College may also be involved in proving your student status.

College Accommodation Team

Living in Cambridge Guide by Graduate Union

Website: https://www.gradunion.cam.ac.uk/prospective-students/living-in-Cambridge

Cambridge Accommodation noticeboard

This is a very useful notice board with constant postings of rooms/flats/houses for rent.

Website: http://www.brettward.co.uk/canb/

Student Accommodation Service Providers

Service providers such as Student Castle and Study Inn provides accommodation solutions at various price band.

Student Castle Website: https:www.studentcastle.co.uk/locations/cambridge-student-accommodation/

Student Inn Website: https://www.studyinn.com/location/cambridge/2.htm

Cambridge Letting agencies – Database

Letting Agencies will find you somewhere for a fee of about £100. You will also need to collect references from your bank, which will cost you even more money. It is important to shop around the agencies to find the best deal and make sure you get a receipt for any payments you make. Also note that they cannot charge you for a list of available accommodation or circulating your name(s) to landlords.

Website: http://www.cambridgeletting.co.uk/


Join Cambridge Rental Accommodation to access flats for share. However, please be careful when negotiating contract with strangers.

Or, check out the Cambridge Evening News (the most extensive ‘To Let’ listings)

Accommodation for Temporary Stay

Should you choose to stay in Cambridge over the holiday (Christmas break, Easter Break or in the Summer), you should arrange for accommodation in advance. Some colleges may allow international students to stay over the holidays- again you should check and arrange this with your own colleges.

There are several places where you can stay whilst sorting out your permanent accommodation for your stay in Cambridge.

College guest room

It may be possible to rent college guest rooms (depends on college) for a few nights while you find somewhere to live. These rooms are usually conveniently located on College grounds.

Accommodation Service

Bed & Breakfasts, guesthouses & serviced apartments

Website: https://www.accommodation.cam.ac.uk/VisitingCambridge/Listings.aspx

Address: Kellet Lodge Tennis Court Road Cambridge CB2 1QJ

Phone: (01223) 338099

Email: accommodation.service@admin.cam.ac.uk


Address: Queen Anne House, Gonville Place, Cambridge, CB1 1ND
Website: https://theymca.org.uk/
Phone: +441223356998
Email: admin@theymca.org.uk


Address: Queen Anne House, Gonville Place, Cambridge, CB1 1ND
Website: https://theymca.org.uk/
Phone: +441223356998
Email: admin@theymca.org.uk