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Flagship Events 2016-2017

iCUSU Elections 2017

iCUSU Elections 2017

Cambridge University World Cup 2017

Cambridge University World Cup 2017

Thank you for participating in this year's Cambridge World Cup. The champion this year is


It has been a great game! Kudos to all the teams that participated and hope you have a great remaining term!

Quarter finals:
South Korea - Poland 2 (withdrawn), South Korea wins
Hong Kong - China 1, Hong Kong wins 6 - 5

China 2 - Poland 1, China 2 wins 4 - 3 *(Corrected)
Romania - Spain, Romania wins 8 - 2

Semi finals:
South Korea - Hong Kong, South Korea wins 3 - 1
Romania - China 2, Romania wins 6 - 3

South Korea - Romania, Romania wins 0 - 6

World Food Festival 2016

World Food Festival 2016

Thank you all for coming that day! We have an impressive turn-up of almost 500 people. We hope that you enjoy the night and we look forward to meeting you in our next event!

International Freshers Week 2016

IFW 2016

Our President, Henry, would like to express his thought on the successful completion of International Freshers Week!

"We would like to thank you for your enormous support and your participation in our International Freshers Week 2016. It was our great pleasure to meet you and we did enjoy our time with you! Also, special thanks to all our lovely helpers! Please like our Facebook Page to get updates about our upcoming events. We shall see you again at Freshers Fair next Tuesday and Wednesday!"

Apologies if we at some point did not organise the events as perfectly as we should, and we definitely would like to hear from you by email: