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Past Events 2011-2012

iCUSU End of term Christmas Party

The most exciting event of last week of Michaelmas awaits. iCUSU's very own Christmas Party! Fun, secular and completely free!

So please join us at the following venue.

Location: Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College
Date: Wednesday 30th November 2011
Time: 19.30 - 21.30

Despite the 'Christmas' party name, it will be a completely secular event, as any other iCUSU event completely open to all cultures and religions.
However, we will be creating the welcoming and cosy winter atmosphere inviting of the upcoming celebrations around the world by playing jolly Christmas songs and serving traditional mulled wine, mince pies and donuts. We will also have various holiday games in order for you to play and say goodbye to your international friends as they leave back for home, or in some cases stay on!
*Special* You'll also get to see your iCUSU president, Vincent Yeung dressed up as PROBABLY THE CUTEST SANTA YOU WILL EVER SEE in Cambridge, if that's not enough already to convince you to come! :D

So don't hesitate, and write the event in your calendars!
We look forward to seeing your faces once more before breaking off for holidays!

Holiday love,
iCUSU Comm
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Trip to Granchester

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iCUSU Cocktail Workshop

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iCUSU GARDEN PARTY on 18th June 14:30-17:30

- Date: Saturday 18th June (before Suicide Sunday) 14:30 to 17:30
- Venue: Scholar's Garden, St. John's College
- Price: 6 pounds

There will be lots of food, including burgers, sausages, chicken nuggets, various fruits, muffins and donuts. We have beer, vodka punch and obviously Pimms for those who would like to warm up for Suicide Sunday. People turned playful by this will enjoy the bouncy castle and twister!

Be there to meet, drink and mingle with fellow internationals for the end of term!

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