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Past Events 2009-2010

2010-2-5 Fourth International Formal at Queens'

I hope you are having a great start to Lent. The good news is that iCUSU will be having another International Formal as promised. We have managed to secure hall in Queens' despite the recent ban on most social activities by their dean.

2009-12-1 Third International Formal at Churchill

Due to the popularity in our last formal, iCUSU is having it's 2nd international formal. This time round it'll be in Churchill, which has the biggest formal hall in Cambridge!

2009-11-2 Second International Formal at Pembroke

iCUSU warmly invites you to join us on Monday 2 November at Pembroke College's famed 5-star Formal Hall Feast Night for an event rivaled by no other. Give yourself a well-deserved break from this first month of grueling work for a few hours of delicious food and even better company - that of Cambridge's wonderful internationals!

2009-10 International Freshers' Week

It will be the best time to meet international students in different colleges, so even if your college has your own international freshers week, you are still encouraged to join!

2009-6-19 End of term Karaoke

A great chance to relax and catch up with your friends after a term of busy revision and a
week of balls, garden parties etc in J restaurant

2009-5-18 Coffee Session

Hopefully everyone's not too stressed out by exams. Some of you may have problems studying in your room (like myself) and may want to go out and grab a coffee while working, so here it is! Our first COFFEE SESSION. It'll be informal and productive. If you missed our exam study skills and stress relief session, I'm happy to go through what we did then, and we can even share exam tips, bounce exam questions off each other or even sit quietly to do some real preparation and work.
Place: Upper level of Caffe Nero

2009-5-16 First International Formal at Pembroke

A wonderful chance to grab a little relaxation before exams begin full tilt. Give yourself a rewarding break from work for a couple hours of great food and even better company - that of Cambridge's finest internationals! Saturday 16 May at Pembroke College's famed 5-Star Formal Hall. Arrive at 6.45 for drinks in the JP or 7.15 for entry into formal hall. Food will be delicious and South East Asian-themed. The exact menu is yet to be determined, but you will receive an update as soon as it's set!

2009-4-25 Exam stress relief session

iCUSU's exam stress relief session at the Cafe Project.was attended by over 20 students. We had an informal conversation with Miss Jane McCann from the university counselling service which gave us some useful preparation toward our exam. We all enjoyed the talk as well as the Sushi prepared by Mie afterwards!