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Past Events 2008-2009

2009-3-1 Elections

For the details of the elections and the manifestos of the standing candidates, please click here.

2008-10 International Freshers Week

A series of packed events kicked the year off with a bang! The tours of town were incredibly popular, and we had maybe 150 people enjoying the amazing discounts on the Pub Crawl on Wednesday. On Thursday we had a great time at La Raza with around 80 people attending. The weather allowed us to go punting on Friday with 9 packed boats (along with several Trinity punts with Trinity and Newnham students), turning the Cam into a veritable cornucopia of international love!

Punting on the Cam - -IFW 2008Relaxing in Life - IFW 2008Chatting in La Raza - IFW 2008Chilling in Life - IFW 2008

2008-6 Paintballing

Paintballing - May Week 2008

On the Tuesday of May Week '08, iCUSU took a group of around 30 international students paintballing at Apocalypse Paintball for an afternoon. The trip went very smoothly: everyone survived (more or less!) and made it back in time for their May Balls: a great time was had by all!

2008 International Formal

Colin and Anna at Internataional Formal - 2008

A massive international formal in Lent Term '08, organised by Colin Hockings (iCUSU Social Officer) and Anna Kvarngren (Churchill International Officer) was a roaring success, with around 150 international students attending, from at least 13 colleges. This will

hopefully set the standard by which many such events will be measured in the future.