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Past Events 2007-2008

Accommodation / Storage Facilities Survey

Following the open meeting last term , we conducted a survey
to collect your feedback on accommodation and storage facilities
provided for International Students.

The preliminary results can be found here.
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2008 Lent Open Meeting

Preliminary findings of the Accommodation / Storage Facilities campaign were discussed (click here for a summary), and hustings for the upcoming elections was carried out (click here for the videos).


2007 Michaelmas 1st Open Meeting


The first open meeting with the JCR reps was a great success.

For more information, click here!

2007 Freshers' Week Punting


For more photos, click here!

2007 Alton Towers trip

On the morning of June 15 2007, a bus full of members of CUSU International set off for England's most famous theme park, Alton Towers for a perfect day of fun and excitement. And it truly was a great day - the sun was shining the whole day and the park was not at all crowded, keeping queuing times to a minimum. Everyone who came along can look back on an immensely enjoyable day - there cannot be a better way to start off May Week! Many thanks go to Melanie and Gloria for organizing this event so professionally.


2007 Stress Relief Workshop, Easter

stress relief workshop

At the start of Easter term, iCUSU organized a big exam stress workshop at Trinity College, which was attended by over 20 international students.

Mark Phippen (right), Director of the University Counselling Service, talked about how to cope with stress in the period leading up to the exam as well as how to tackle the exam itself.

Afterwards, Jodie Sellen gave us all an introduction to the Reiki relaxation technique, followed by a large international food festival! 5 of you were lucky to also receive a free Reiki session.

Many thanks go to ICUSU Welfare Officer Gloria Tam for organizing the event!