30th July 2018

ESL Courses

As an international student, you would already have proved your English language proficiency through standardised tests or examinations from the series offered by the University Syndicate. Success in them, however, may not be adequate in equipping you with the language skills to succeed in the academic or social life at Cambridge. The English standard here may be more rigorous and demanding.

Alternatively, you may be finding a language course or resources to prepare you for study abroad programme. Information below can be helpful.

Cambridge University Language Centre

The Cambridge University Language Centre runs two programmes under Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS). It aims to help students improve their advanced study skills to meet the demands of independent learning at university, refining the style and accuracy of their writing to reflect Cambridge standards and thesis-writing formats. There is a fee payable, and details can be found from the Language Centre. You may wish to ask your Faculty or College to support the payment of the course, though of course this is a matter for their discretion.

For those who are planning to study abroad during, or after your Cambridge education, the language centre offers numerous resources to assist you in preparation with the languages. You can find them here.

Address: Downing Place, Cambridge CB2 3EL (just a stone's throw from the city centre!)
Website: www.langcen.cam.ac.uk

Other English Courses

Apart from the Language Centre, the University of Cambridge does not offer English language courses for foreign students. Here are some of the ones judged to be useful for staff and students of the University.

La Dante in Cambridge

English study centre offering Business English, English for adults and teenagers, and Summer English courses

Contact: La Dante in Cambridge, 60 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1LA Tel: +44 (0)1223 315191 Website: http://ladante-in-cambridge.org/english-courses-cambridge/ Email: english@ladante-in-cambridge.org

World Study Solutions

Consultation agent helping international students find English language courses

Contact: World Study Solutions, 43 Burleigh Street, Cambridge CB1 1DJ Tel: +44 01223 313 604 Website: www.worldstudysolutions.com/ Email: enquiry@worldstudysolutions.com