International Freshers Week 2019

iCUSU International Freshers Week (IFW) is an introductory series of events taking place in Cambridge for international students. We will be hosting a variety of social gatherings, city tours and will be happy to help with any queries.
Go to DAY 1 Mingling

DAY 1 Mingling

Enjoy music, laughter and some pretty decent international banters.

Day 2 Pub Crawl

Explore all the popular student bars in Cambridge in a row. Might end up in Cindies to have a boogie with your friends.

Day 2 Game Night

A wide selection of board games with refreshments will be provided, a chilled, cozy and full of laughter event.


Boating in a punt on the Cam river under the sunlight, with freshly prepared refreshments and accompanies of randomly matched internationals.

Go to DAY 3 Scavenger Hunt

DAY 3 Scavenger Hunt

Mystery in the mysterious Cambridge Old Town.

Go to Day 3 Formal

Day 3 Formal

Gown up and celebrate the most traditional social occasion with your international peers!


Food, drinks, punting trips and a great time (no sun guaranteed).

IFW Volunteers Wanted!

About iCUSU

Cambridge University Student Union - International
Who we are and what we do


We organize campaigns and welfare activities to assist us in achieving the goals above. The nature of the activities depends heavily on the request and interest of our stakeholders.

In recent years, we have been working very closely with colleges to improve the benefits of international students. For instance, we urged some colleges to provide vacation storage for international students for free; this allows international students to store their belongings in college storage room out-of-term, so that students will not have to worry about finding external storage facilities, or bringing back all their belongings. Other issues that we worked on include the vacation residence of international students, and supporting access campaign all around the world.

This year, we will be continuing to campaign for improved storage availability, hassle-free interviews, in addition to broadening  cultural awareness  among students and staff, and a more transparent scholarship provision system.


More to be updated in September.

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Contact US

Are you one of the 97 international clubs and societies at Cambridge University? Looking to collaborate your next Swap/Show with us? Interest in the international student community at Cambridge? iCUSU will be happy to promote your event/answer your questions! Send in event request via email, or simply stay tuned with out latest events and ticketing release at our official Facebook platform!