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  1. International Freshers Week (IFW) 2017
  2. iCUSU Lent Election 2017
  3. Cambridge University World Cup 2017
  4. Maslenitsa 2017 - Russian Festival for End of Winter
  5. An Ode to the Mountains - CUCOS 10th Anniversary Concert (Chinese Orchestra)
  6. Here's What I Propose - Annual CUMaS Play
  7. Cambridge University Southeast Asian Conference 2017
  8. iCUSU Welcomes New Commitee Members!
  9. World Food Festival (WFF 2016) Done!
  10. Calling Upon All Representative of International Societies in Cambridge!
  11. A Message to International Freshers 2016
  12. International Fresher's Guide 2016 - Keeping you alive in 2016
  13. International Freshers Week (IFW) 2016: Thank you for your participation!
  14. Calling Upon All JCR, MCR and College Student Union's International Representative!
  15. Important Message from Vice Chancellor of Cambridge on EU Referendum Result

International Freshers Week 2017

We are delighted to announce that the International Freshers Week (IFW) this year will take place on the 26th-29th September!

The link for registration will be posted later. Keep an eye on this page!

For now join us at our international freshers group!

iCUSU Lent Election 2017

Voting is happening now until 12pm on 15th March (Wednesday). Please cast your vote here:

To cast your vote for Dorothy Guo for welfare officer, please also vote here:

Again, please bear in mind that voting closes at 12pm on 15/03/2017 (Wednesday).

The following positions in the executive committee are contested for:

You can find their husting videos here:

Here are the Role Descriptions and Election Rules.

It has been an excellent year for iCUSU - we have organised our exclusive International Freshers Week at the start of the year, World Food Festival in Michaelmas, and the upcoming football friendly matches this weekend. Next year, iCUSU will continue to work closely with CUSU and NUS, organise better activities and better represent you. We wish to recruit more members that are willing to serve the international community to join us in running future events and campaigns.

Cambridge University World Cup 2017

Thank you for participating in this year's Cambridge World Cup. The champion this year is


It has been a great game! Kudos to all the teams that participated and hope you have a great remaining term!

Quarter finals:
South Korea - Poland 2 (withdrawn), South Korea wins
Hong Kong - China 1, Hong Kong wins 6 - 5

China 2 - Poland 1, China 2 wins 4 - 3 *(Corrected)
Romania - Spain, Romania wins 8 - 2

Semi finals:
South Korea - Hong Kong, South Korea wins 3 - 1
Romania - China 2, Romania wins 6 - 3

South Korea - Romania, Romania wins 0 - 6

Masletnitsa 2017 - Russian Festival for End of Winter

Cambridge University Russian Society invites you to join us to celebrate traditional Russian Maslenitsa – a festival devoted to the end of winter.

Come and treat yourselves with delicious pancakes and a great variety of different fillings; such as honey, butter, salmon, caviar, pickled herring, soured cream, jam, and traditional Russian tea.

All this will be accompanied by Russian folk music and a few documentaries about folk culture.

Invite your friends! It's fun for the whole family! People are encouraged to bring their spouses and children for this fun and yummy event :)

Sunday, 26/02/2017, 11.30 am

Common Room, BB Staircase, Foundress Court, Pembroke College, CB2 1RF

Everyone is invited, if you haven't been invited on facebook, invite yourself!

Price: 10 tokens included to redeem food and drinks CURS Members £3
Non-Members £5
Additional tokens may be purchased at the event.

"Pourquoi looked around and was taken quite aback. The waiters, pushing and jostling with one another, were carrying veritable mountains of pancakes... People sat at tables, eating mountains of pancakes and salmon caviar...with the same appetite and daring as the fine-looking gentleman. ... "What an amazing thing," Porquoi thought as he left the restaurant. "If the climate is extraordinary here, stomachs are even greater marvels! What an incredible country!" - Anton Chekhov

Facebook Event Page:

An Ode to the Mountains - CUCOS 10th Anniversary Concert (Chinese Orchestra)

Examine the great mountains, gaze at the grand rivers… Don't you wonder how many heroes have trekked these heights, how the thoughts of great philosophers flowed with these rapids?

For the 10th anniversary of the Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society, we are back with our annual concert, An Ode to the Mountains. This year, we have brought together Western and Chinese instruments to feature in the same piece, for a brand new interpretation to a classical Chinese piece. Our repertoire includes:

* Spring Festival Overture (春节序曲)
* Yellow River Piano Concerto (黄河钢琴协奏曲)
* Harvest Festival (丰年祭)
* Amis' Dance (阿美族舞曲)
* The Great Wall Capriccio (长城随想曲)
... among other pieces by soloists and ensembles around the UK.

Join us for an enjoyable night of contemporary and traditional Oriental music. We are sure that you will have a relaxing experience with our music!

Visit to buy a ticket now.

Facebook Event Page:

Here's What I Propose - Annual CUMaS Play

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man belonging to the Cambridge University Malaysian Society must be in want of a wife. In this bizarre but hilarious mentor-mentee system, freshers must 'marry' each other in order to adopt new freshers the next year. But wives don't come easy in this testosterone-crammed community, where guys outnumber girls three to one!

Delve into the unique bubble of Malaysian fresher life with Adam, Natalie, Kah Ho, and Joyce as they attempt to navigate the strangeness of living abroad, to find their place among new friends, to survive in a high-pressure environment, and to top it all off, to snag the perfect CUMaS husband or wife. So long as no one *really* falls for each other…right?

£8 for CUMaS members
£9 for CUMSA members
£10 for others

3rd of March (Friday) -
4th of March (Saturday)- SOLD OUT

Facebook Event Page:

Cambridge University Southeast Asian Conference 2017

CUSEAC's main aims are to provide a platform for discussion to students, to empower the student community and to develop shared values and a common vision for ASEAN. Hence, the theme of this event is:

"Stepping up to ASEAN Challenges: Catalysing Youth Collaboration"

Date: 25th March 2017 (Saturday)

Venue: The University Centre, Granta Place, Mill Lane


09.00 - 09.30: Registration
09.30 - 11.00: Speakers' Session
11.00 - 12.00: Panel Discussion
12.00 - 13.00: Lunch and Networking
13.00 - 14.30: Workshop 1 : Assessing ASEAN's Challenges
14.30 - 15.00: Tea Break
15.00 - 16.30: Workshop 2 : Deriving Action Plan for ASEAN
16.30 - 17.45: Poster Session and Mentor Feedback
17.45 - 18.00: Closing Remarks

Registration will be available very soon! Stay tuned for updates.

Facebook Event Page:

Are you the one iCUSU is looking for?

We would like to welcome four new members to our committee:

College Coordinator Social Officer Access Officer General Committee

William Collinge

Maegan Yeung

Robert Swan

Jessie Lin

World Food Festival (WFF!) 2016 - EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION OPENS!

Thank you all for coming that day! We have an impressive turn-up of almost 500 people. We hope that you enjoy the night and we look forward to meeting you in our next event!

International Societies

Join the Facebook group for the international societies! This group is exclusively for the presidents, vice presidents, secretary... or just generally the representative of any international society in University of Cambridge.

If you are one but have never been contacted by us, please approach Qiyuan Huang, the iCUSU society co-ordinator so that we could add you in accordingly to this group. She can be contacted via Facebook, or email:

#International Freshers 2016

If you are accepted into Cambridge in Fall 2016 and are from another country, why not join us in our International Freshers Group on Facebook? We will feed you with latest updates on what's happening in the international community in Cambridge and UK, important survival skills in our very own International Freshers' Guide 2016 and answer any doubt of yours in the discussion area. Want to keep your doubt personal? No worry, head to our committee page to find out our email address and CRSid and send us emails! Want to be a committee member? Check out what positions we have and how you should approach us here!

For those who participated in our very own International Freshers Week, thank you very much for being part of this awesome events! We apologies if we made any mistakes throughout the way, and would love to hear from you if you are keen and free to share with us what you think! Kindly email to :)

Updated on 3rd October 2016.

International Fresher's Guide 2016 - Keeping you alive in 2016It's here! The Original Cambridge International Freshers' Guide is published in conjunction with the release of A-level results. We have included all the important information inside for your survival of first few days in Cambridge: whether you are trying to figure out what a CRSiD is, or finding a place to stay for International Freshers Week (IFW!) 2016. Read it here!

Updated on 31st August 2016.

International Freshers Week (IFW) 2016 Registration Now OPEN!

Our President, Henry, would like to express his thought on the successful completion of International Freshers Week!

"We would like to thank you for your enormous support and your participation in our International Freshers Week 2016. It was our great pleasure to meet you and we did enjoy our time with you! Also, special thanks to all our lovely helpers! Please like our Facebook Page to get updates about our upcoming events. We shall see you again at Freshers Fair next Tuesday and Wednesday!"

Apologies if we at some point did not organise the events as perfectly as we should, and we definitely would like to hear from you by email:

Last but not least, if you would like to join the committee for other positions (yes, we still have vacant spaces!), please read the notice below!

Updated on 3rd October 2016.

Call Upon All International Officers!

Calling upon all JCR, MCR and Student Union International Officers!

Click here for the group exclusively for JCR and MCR International / Overseas Officers. We hope this will be a convenient platform for you to discuss and raise matters regarding International students, and of course, organize joint events such as formal swaps!

If you are an international officer from your JCR, MCR or College Student Union, please join this group! If you are passing your position to a new officer, please invite them to this group as well!

Updated on 22/7/2016.

Important Message from Vice Chancellor of Cambridge on EU Referendum ResultsThis is an important message from the Vice-Chancellor on the referendum result. It follows the communication that was sent to staff on the morning of 24th June.

We recognise that there is a great deal of uncertainty around the decision to leave the European Union. We would like to reassure our staff that a University working group has met this afternoon following the referendum result and various work streams are underway looking at staff, students, post docs, partnerships and nationality issues. I would like to stress again that, even though the result is in favour of leaving the European Union, there is no immediate change to the University's teaching, research and other activities. We will continue to work as normal.

It is not currently known what the impact of leaving the EU will have on UK policy on higher education tuition fees, loans and bursaries. However, the University can confirm that undergraduate EU students who are already studying at Cambridge, who have an offer to study at Cambridge, or who apply in 2016 to start their studies in 2017, will continue to be charged the UK fee rate applicable at the time, provided this continues to be permitted by UK law. Please note that the UK fee rate may be subject to increases, which may be annual.

The University will work with the Government to ensure it takes steps to ensure that staff and students from the EU can continue to work and study in this country. Cambridge thrives as part of a wide international community of academic staff and students, and we remain deeply committed to global cooperation and our dedicated staff who come from all over the world.

As I said this morning, there is work underway to consider how best to communicate internal developments with specific members of the University. Further information will be available next week on the University's website.

You may also be interested to read University UK's latest statement on the referendum result:

"Leaving the EU will create significant challenges for universities. Although this is not an outcome that we wished or campaigned for, we respect the decision of the UK electorate. We should remember that leaving the EU will not happen overnight, there will be a gradual exit process with significant opportunities to seek assurances and influence future policy.
"Throughout the transition period our focus will be on securing support that allows our universities to continue to be global in their outlook, internationally networked and an attractive destination for talented people from across Europe. These features are central to ensuring that British universities continue to be the best in the world.
"Our first priority will be to convince the UK Government to takes steps to ensure that staff and students from EU countries can continue to work and study at British universities and to promote the UK as a welcoming destination for the brightest and best minds. They make a powerful contribution to university research and teaching and have a positive impact on the British economy and society. We will also prioritise securing opportunities for our researchers and students to access vital pan-European programmes and build new global networks."

L K Borysiewicz

Vice-Chancellor's Office | The University of Cambridge | The Old Schools | Trinity Lane | Cambridge | CB2 1TN

Updated on 15th July 2016.